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DISCLAIMER: Attached files are approved copies of the Lincoln County Commission minutes. The County Clerk is the custodian of the County Commission minutes and the signed minutes are on file in the Lincoln County Clerk’s office. The official minutes are available for viewing during normal business hours. Copies are available for a fee.

Crystal Hall
Clerk to County Commission

01.10.2020 Mtg Min34 KiB110
01.06.2020 Mtg Min39 KiB110
01.21.2020 Mtg Min39 KiB111
01.14.2020 Mtg Min39 KiB100
01.27.2020 Mtg Min39 KiB89
01.28.2020 Mtg Min40 KiB87
01.07.2020 Mtg Min40 KiB105
02.04.2020 Mtg Min40 KiB76
02.03.2020 Mtg Min40 KiB76
01.13.2020 Mtg Min41 KiB107
02.11.2020 Mtg Min53 KiB64
08.03.2020 Mtg Min55 KiB31
02.24.2020 Mtg Min56 KiB63
02.18.2020 Mtg Min57 KiB78
03.09.2020 Mtg Min58 KiB49
03.10.2020 Mtg Min0.1 MiB57
03.02.2020 Mtg Min0.1 MiB43
03.03.2020 Mtg Min0.1 MiB43
03.17.2020 Mtg Min0.1 MiB55
03.16.2020 Mtg Min0.1 MiB50
02.10.2020 Mtg Min0.1 MiB61
02.25.2020 Mtg Min0.1 MiB65
09.08.2020 Mtg Min0.1 MiB33
03.24.2020 Mtg Min0.1 MiB48
07.14.2020 Mtg Min0.1 MiB37
07.28.2020 Mtg Min0.1 MiB31
06.23.2020 Mtg Min0.1 MiB32
07.06.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB31
05.12.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB130
06.15.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB28
07.07.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB35
08.11.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB28
06.16.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB31
08.04.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB31
05.26.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB49
10.13.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB3
04.13.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB45
05.04.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB47
08.24.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB29
09.28.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB3
10.05.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB3
06.01.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB55
06.01.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB29
09.15.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB3
09.21.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB3
08.31.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB23
05.18.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB43
05.11.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB42
08.17.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB28
04.20.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB57
05.05.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB41
05.19.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB46
04.21.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB69
08.18.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB31
06.22.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB32
09.29.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB3
07.21.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB37
07.27.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB24
09.14.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB3
07.13.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB40
09.01.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB28
06.29.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB40
04.27.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB53
03.23.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB62
06.08.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB29
04.06.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB44
08.10.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB27
08.25.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB34
04.07.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB47
07.20.2020 Mtg Min0.2 MiB35
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