DISCLAIMER: Attached files are approved copies of the Lincoln County Commission minutes. The County Clerk is the custodian of the County Commission minutes and the signed minutes are on file in the Lincoln County Clerk’s office. The official minutes are available for viewing during normal business hours. Copies are available for a fee.

Crystal Hall
Clerk to County Commission

07.12.2021 Mtg Min116 KiB5
06.29.2021 Mtg Min154 KiB18
01.12.2021 Mtg Min156 KiB47
01.04.2021 Mtg Min157 KiB44
06.22.2021 Mtg Min157 KiB21
02.01.2021 Mtg Min158 KiB38
04.13.2021 Mtg Min158 KiB65
01.19.2021 Mtg Min158 KiB46
04.26.2021 Mtg Min158 KiB53
01.11.2021 Mtg Min159 KiB45
03.15.2021 Mtg Min159 KiB36
04.19.2021 Mtg Min159 KiB66
05.17.2021 Mtg Min160 KiB44
05.11.2021 Mtg Min161 KiB24
01.25.2021 Mtg Min161 KiB40
04.05.2021 Mtg Min161 KiB54
04.06.2021 Mtg Min161 KiB55
03.29.2021 Mtg Min162 KiB58
01.05.2021 Mtg Min162 KiB47
03.09.2021 Mtg Min163 KiB53
03.23.2021 Mtg Min163 KiB52
03.08.2021 Mtg Min163 KiB40
06.07.2021 Mtg Min163 KiB26
02.23.2021 Mtg Min163 KiB36
06.21.2021 Mtg Min163 KiB18
04.20.2021 Mtg Min163 KiB64
05.25.2021 Mtg Min163 KiB48
03.22.2021 Mtg Min164 KiB51
02.22.2021 Mtg Min164 KiB39
06.28.2021 Mtg Min164 KiB18
06.14.2021 Mtg Min164 KiB21
02.09.2021 Mtg Min164 KiB40
02.08.2021 Mtg Min164 KiB38
05.18.2021 Mtg Min165 KiB44
04.27.2021 Mtg Min165 KiB61
07.06.2021 Mtg Min165 KiB15
06.15.2021 Mtg Min165 KiB20
06.01.2021 Mtg Min165 KiB21
03.01.2021 Mtg Min166 KiB31
02.02.2021 Mtg Min166 KiB41
03.02.2021 Mtg Min166 KiB33
06.08.2021 Mtg Min167 KiB37
05.24.2021 Mtg Min167 KiB24
04.12.2021 Mtg Min168 KiB66
03.16.2021 Mtg Min169 KiB48
05.03.2021 Mtg Min170 KiB21
05.04.2021 Mtg Min170 KiB55
01.26.2021 Mtg Min186 KiB49