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Absentee Voting

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Absentee Voting
November 3, 2020 Absentee Ballot Application0.2 MiB2347
November 3, 2020 Mail-In Ballot Application0.2 MiB609
-Absentee Voting0.1 MiB1199
Disabled Absentee Application94 KiB161
In-Person Absentee Voting Office Hours0.2 MiB58

2020 Election Calendar0.1 MiB1684
Acceptable Forms of Identification1.2 MiB2514
Polling Place List88 KiB1141
2020 Voter Registration Office Schedule0.1 MiB848

Election Information
11032020 Certificate Of Candidates And Issues0.7 MiB261
2020-2022 Democratic Central Committee0.1 MiB16
2020-2022 Republican Central Committee0.2 MiB61
11032020 Notice Of Public Test65 KiB36

Sample Ballots

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Sample Ballots
0101 Troy City 10.7 MiB141
0202 Troy City 20.7 MiB68
0301 Troy City 30.7 MiB75
0401 Troy Rural0.7 MiB180
0501 Birkhead0.7 MiB44
0502 Birkhead0.7 MiB38
0503 Birkhead0.7 MiB31
0504 Birkhead0.7 MiB24
0601 Moscow Mills City0.7 MiB74
0701 Moscow Mills Rural0.7 MiB81
0702 Moscow Mills Rural0.7 MiB44
0703 Moscow Mills Rural0.7 MiB35
0801 Zoar0.7 MiB31
0802 Zoar0.7 MiB28
0803 Zoar0.7 MiB28
0804 Zoar0.7 MiB30
0901 Hawk Point0.7 MiB91
0902 Hawk Point0.7 MiB34
0903 Hawk Point0.7 MiB35
0904 Hawk Point0.7 MiB31
1001 Elsberry0.7 MiB40
1002 Elsberry0.7 MiB38
1101 New Hope0.7 MiB26
1102 New Hope0.7 MiB25
1103 New Hope0.7 MiB23
1201 Millwood0.7 MiB46
1202 Millwood0.7 MiB27
1203 Millwood0.7 MiB24
1301 Old Monroe0.7 MiB40
1302 Old Monroe0.7 MiB34
1401 Winfield0.7 MiB158
1402 Winfield0.7 MiB50
1403 Winfield0.7 MiB44
1501 Brussels0.7 MiB34
1502 Brussels0.7 MiB50
1601 Briscoe0.7 MiB23
1602 Briscoe0.7 MiB82
1701 Whiteside0.7 MiB28
1702 Whiteside0.7 MiB33
1801 Intrastate New Resident0.7 MiB21
1901 Interstate New/Former Resident0.7 MiB13
2001 Federal0.7 MiB15
2002 Federal0.7 MiB15
2003 Federal0.7 MiB17

Election Results

August 4, 2020 Primary Election
00 Election Summary0.2 MiB130
01 Troy City 10.2 MiB82
02 Troy City 20.2 MiB90
03 Troy City 30.2 MiB80
04 Troy Rural0.2 MiB81
05 Birkhead0.2 MiB79
06 Moscow Mills City0.2 MiB91
07 Moscow Mills Rural0.2 MiB96
08 Zoar0.2 MiB75
09 Hawk Point0.2 MiB79
10 Elsberry0.2 MiB89
11 New Hope0.2 MiB63
12 Millwood0.2 MiB73
13 Old Monroe0.1 MiB86
14 Winfield0.2 MiB87
15 Brussels0.2 MiB77
16 Briscoe0.2 MiB70
17 Whiteside0.2 MiB65
18 Central Poll0.2 MiB76
19 Vote Center North0.2 MiB87
20 Vote Center East0.2 MiB78
21 Vote Center South0.2 MiB91
22 Absentee0.2 MiB91
23 Provisional0.2 MiB83
Constitution Party Precinct Detail67 KiB75
Democrat Party Precinct Detail0.3 MiB86
Green Party Precinct Detail0.1 MiB76
Libertarian Party Precinct Detail0.1 MiB81
Questions Precinct Detail0.1 MiB88
Republican Party Precinct Detail0.9 MiB91
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