Our “I Voted” Sticker design contest received 91 total entries. Out of the 91 entries that were submitted, 88 designs were eligible for the preliminary judging panel.

The preliminary judging panel participated in a blind voting process, with each entry being identified by a letter and number. Three designs were selected from each category: 6th-8th grades hand drawn designs, 6th-8th grades digital designs, and 9th-12th grades hand drawn designs.

After the preliminary judging, the finalists’ designs were put online through SurveyMonkey for public voting. A total of 1,388 votes were cast during the public voting period.

The winning designs for the “I Voted” Sticker design contest are:


6th-8th Grade Hand Drawn Design

Grace Duncan – 8th Grade, Winfield Middle School


6th-8th Grade Digital Design

Hunter Heitman – 6th Grade, Elsberry Middle School


9th-12th Grade Hand Drawn Design

Avery Johnson – 12th Grade, Troy Buchanan High School

These “I Voted” Sticker designs will be available and distributed at all polling locations for the 2024/2025 election cycle.